Paloma Lucas Design


My name is Paloma Lucas. I was born in Madrid, Spain and moved to the US in adulthood. I began my career in the financial field, but later found my true inspiration for art and have been working as freelance graphic artist for several years. Perhaps reflecting my Spanish heritage, my artistic energy comes from passion and intuition.

I enjoy spending time with my two teenage kids, my husband, my friends, riding my bike, long vacation, reading, dancing, laughing, paella, sushi, wine, coffee, dress up, long walks … wait, maybe not so long walks!

Art Statement

I am a printmaker and all around visual artist. I use both digital and traditional media to give a visual voice to artistic themes. I endeavor to work on meaningful projects in which I am emotionally connected, utilizing formal visual means, literal associations, and poetic metaphors.  My artistic style utilizes rich and luminous colors, emphasizing simplicity and clarity.

I am fascinated by the mystical subtleties that define each step of the printmaking process, from carving the linoleum, which is an adventure into a new life, to the rolling of the brayer, which requires a concentrated practiced technique.    Intimately exploring each element of the print making process satisfies my deep-rooted, natural curiosity.  Although my current artistic emphasis is on printed media, I am also an experienced digital artist.   Furthermore, I am exploring additional media, such as book arts and photography.