The Object Menina is the reflection of time passing. Women have been considered as decorative objects of beauty. Women were discouraged from expressing themselves in a patriarchal society that generally refused to grant merit to women’s lives. Now modern women hold more respected positions in society. It took many decades of struggle before women obtained more active control of their lives. This print is the result of seven color screen prints.

The Marionette Menina is the theatrical representation of the political interests behind these women. There were marriages for political reasons and diplomatic alliances. Marionettes were in the hands of their royal families and countries. I used linoleum print relief and added chine-collé red Nepalese paper to frame the image.

The Natural Menina has abandoned her geometrical lines for a more soft and natural look. To achieve this natural feeling, I used combination of a monotype and a collagraph made out leaves and grasses, inked with a roller. The colors were obtained applying a second monotype plate. As a result, each print is unique.

The Emancipated Menina represents the woman liberated from her cumbersome outfit, escaping from her decorative and narrow gender role. Her gown is on a hook, the handkerchief and the rose are on the floor, and she is dressed with pants and boots. She is struggling for sexual equality as many women have done throughout history. The printing technique used in this print is drypoint.